Taylor Turner


About Taylor

My name is Taylor Turner, I grew up in the Fayetteville area and graduated from Whitewater High School. Sports have always been an important part of my life and grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football. After high school, I played baseball at the University of North Georgia from 2014-2106 and ended up graduating from the University of Georgia. College athletics opened my eyes to a proper strength training program and how important it was to work hard in the weight room. Once I was done playing baseball, I needed to find something to fill the time which led to finding CrossFit in 2016. I was immediately hooked and have been doing CrossFit ever since. I’m married to Rachel, and we have one son, Noah.

Turning Point

At first, the competitive side of CrossFit drew me in and challenged me in ways that I hadn’t been before, but it became clear to me that CrossFit was much more than competition. I saw how powerful of a tool it could be to keep people healthy and fit for life. In 2021 I completed my CrossFit L1 certification so that I could become a bigger part of the journey and hopefully help people reach their goals and become the best versions of themself.


Bachelor’s in Sport Management, University of Georgia Master’s in Business Administration, University of Georgia CrossFit L1