Nicole Coach At CrossFit Gym In Brooks, GA


Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
CF-L1 Trainer

About Nicole

As a Marine Corp kid, my background involves a lot of moving, but also a lot of experiences. I graduated high school in Okinawa, Japan, where I stayed for a few years after. I managed aquatic facilities and taught various Red Cross classes across the military bases on island, including first aid, lifeguard, and water safety courses. In my 20’s, I left Okinawa and moved to east Texas, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Early Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. From there I have lived in Houston, Jacksonville, and finally I find myself in gorgeous Senoia/Peachtree City. All my adventures have also given me my wonderful family, Dustin and Addison. As an educator, my passion is sharing knowledge and watching people grow to their fullest potential and I am so excited to be able to do that here at CrossFit Shakerag.

Turning Point

For years, I was not a gym person. Globo gym machines did not interest me, and I am not about to go run miles for fun. Finally, I had my daughter, found myself extremely unhealthy and overweight, and knew I wanted to be a better example for her. I knew I had to find a form of fitness that was fun and would keep my interest. Cue CrossFit to the rescue! I found a gym, committed, and watched myself grow beyond what I thought I was even capable of. The CrossFit principles have helped me love what my body can do, the strength that I have been able to develop, and the mentality that I can apply to multiple aspects of my life.