Finding a new gym family has helped improve my mental and physical health! I love the coaching staff and family style atmosphere!
Joe P
Peachtree City
Being a transplant from Russia it was tough to meet people. After starting Crossfit I again found the community to motivate me. Coach Jake does a great job harnessing my power and putting it to good use. “I must break you” is the funny saying we have before METCONS.
Ivan D
CFSR offers a total wellness approach that includes nutrition, fitness and a community that lifts each other up! It offers programs for everyone and all ages! It’s so awesome to see such diversity from our oldest at 76 to the competitive athlete!
Hope H
I am stronger and an all around better person. Everyone at the gym makes you feel like we are all a big family and everyone cares about one another.
Chris D
Ive made some amazing friends who are encouraging, kind, and genuinely fun to be around. I LOVE my CSFR family!
Shelbe H
After years “stunning” people in the ring I needed another outlet to exercise. CrossFit was the perfect blend of weights and cardio to keep me feeling healthy. With the help of the on-site nutritionist I was able to curb my celebratory beer chugging and shift to distilled water.
Steve A
Austin TX
I am stronger mentally and physically! I’m more accountable with my food choices! Coaches are awesome!💜
Tina P
Getting older I starting eating bad and missing trips to the gym. But now, with the help of Hope and Jake, I feel great. I’m ready to get back in the ring and claim what’s mine, The WWE World Heavyweight Championship! OOOHHH YEAH BRUTHA.
Hulk H
Tampa FL
I have better strength and better movement. I have more confidence. I feel stronger and I’m doing exercises that I never thought I’d be able to do.
Renee M
Peachtree City
I feel stronger and healthier and feel that I’m a better clinician by string an example for fitness and nutrition
Ed G
Peachtree city