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10 Rules for Every CrossFitter to Follow

  1. Work Hard- All we ask is that you give whatever is your 100% for the day everyday.
  2. Leave your ego at the door- We understand the appeal to compete and win (it is why many of us got into CrossFit in the first place) but no one likes a cocky attitude.  A huge ego is usually the fastest way to injury and results in slow progress. Be humble and always remember form and technique over speed and weight.
  3. Clean up- At the end of a class be sure to put away and wipe down any equipment you used.  If you bleed or sweat on something, please be sure to clean it. No one wants to grab a bloody barbell.  Also, please return equipment neatly to it’s designated area: boxes stacked neatly, wallballs on the rack (not the floor in front), and weights in the appropriate stack.
  4. Chalk- Yes, this is a part of cleaning up but we felt like it was important enough to get its own number.  By all means, use as much chalk as you need but the next class does not need to see your chalk hand prints on the ground.  If you didn’t wipe up your hand prints, chances are you didn’t wipe away your sweat either and no one wants to do their burpees in your sweat.  We have covers on the chalk buckets to keep the chalk in the bucket so there is never a reason to bring hand full of chalk outside of the bucket or take pieces of chalk to other parts of the gym.
  5. Dress- CrossFit has typically been a home for the free spirited and we encourage this but we do expect at certain level of modesty.  We are a family friendly environment and everyone has different standards as to what is acceptable and what is not. In order to appease as many people as possible we want to make our dress code pretty simple.  By all means take your shirt of and wear spandex but make sure to keep your cheeks and other areas covered out of respect for the families that attend our gym.
  6. Respect the Coach- If the coach is talking show them respect by stopping what you are doing and listening.  Please do not talk to others during this time or walk away to change shoes or use the bathroom.
  7. Be on Time- We are all human and we understand that life happens, but do your best to arrive on time for class.  If you show up late, look at theboard and figure out what you need to be doing and get started as quickly as possible without interrupting the class.
  8. Integrity-  Don’t cheat reps or do half reps!  Some people think they are slick and can get by with cheating and no one will know, but the truth is, we all know.  Once you have been labeled a cheater, it’s hard to get rid of that stigma so just don’t do it. If you ever lose count, remember it’s better to do a few extra reps then not enough.
  9. Children- We loving seeing your kids at the gym and you setting a great example for them, but be sure they are out of the way.  There are heavy bars, kettlebells, and dumbells that are sometimes dropped. These could do serious damage to a child and the last thing we want to see is someone get hurt, especially a child.  Also, please be sure to have your children clean up after themselves as well.
  10. Introduce yourself- CrossFit can be an intimidating environment to walk into for the first time so be sure to introduce yourself to anyone new and make them feel like that are already a part of our amazing family!

And don’t be any of these guys!