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“Lifting weights is bad for you!” “Lifting weights will make you look bulky or manly!” “You will get hurt if you lift!” Every heard anyone say these things?! 

  Here are 3 reasons why WOMEN should lift weights:

  • STRENGTH IS NECESSARY FOR LONGEVITY– As we age, one of the first things we lose is muscle mass. A loss in muscle mass correlates to a  dramatic loss in strength. Strength is taken for granted while we are young!  Have you ever watched an elderly person struggle to get up off the floor or out of a chair?  This is a problem that can be postponed to later years with consistent strength training.
  • MUSCLE BURNS FAT– In the fitness industry, one of the most common goal I hear from women is, “I want to look lean”.  Show me an example of a person you consider to be lean, and nine times out of ten that person will have a substantial amount of muscle mass.  No, I don’t mean professional body builder amount of muscle mass, however, they most likely have much more muscle than your average person. Muscle mass burns calories will help reduce body fat.  Many famous actresses known for their lean figures swear by weight training as a key to their look.  Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman, is a great example of this.
  • BONE DENSITY IS NECESSARY TO STAY HEALTHY– As we all age, our bone density starts to fade away,especially, in women going through menopause. The loss in bone density can lead to osteoporosis. Studies show that weight training can have a huge effect on better maintaining or even improving bone density, according to Harvard Health Medical School (https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/strength-training-builds-more-than-muscles).

Now get out there and start lifting weight!