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3 Important Things You Need to Reach Your Fitness Goals

We all have different goals regarding fitness.  At the end of the day those goals can be broken up into 3 different categories; wellness, performance, and aesthetics.  Wellness meaning you are looking enhance your well being, get off meds, and/or just generally feel better. If your goals are performance maybe you are looking to compete in a fitness sport or just like the idea of getting as strong, fast, or conditioned as possible.  Those looking for aesthetics are probably just looking to look a certain way, maybe 6 pack abs or arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many of us even have goals in each of these categories we are trying to reach. No matter what your fitness goals are though you will need these 3 things to reach them.


It is not by coincidence NUTRITION is number one!  If you choose only one of these things, this is the one you need to choose. If you do not eat quality foods and focus on portions, you are most likely not going to get the results you are seeking. Little to no amount of exercise is going to help you outrun a bad diet!  What we eat is the foundation of everything we do. This is especially important if you are looking for aesthetics or wellness, but can also play a huge roll in your recovery, strength, and energy levels. This is especially true if performance is one of your fitness goals. Here are a few quick tips to help jumpstart your nutrition. First, look at the quality of food you are eating. “Whole, real food is the best food”! Eat fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meats and less processed foods (basically anything packaged or frozen). Second, look at the quantity of food you are eating and get it to a point that fits your activity level, size, and goals. Seek guidance or nutrition coaching to make sure you are getting what your body needs!.


To get results, you have to create CONSISTENCY.  Once you create consistency, people may think you are obsessed, but truth be told, you are dedicated to your goals! It becomes a habit no different than brushing your teeth to prevent dental problems. Workout three to four days per week and no less.  Yes, every week! Even if you are on vacation, have family in town, on a business trip, or any other excuse you can come up with. You can make three days happen! Sometimes you may have to wake up early when you don’t want to. Sometimes you are going to have to workout on your lunch break.  Sometimes you may have to skip out on going out with your friends to make time for your workout. The best piece of advice I can give you is to go early in the week. Never miss a monday and try your best to make it on Tuesday. If you make it those two days, then you have the rest of the week to get in your last one or two workouts.

Remember consistency with nutrition as well! Here is a quick example. If you need 2000 calories a day to maintain your current weight and choose to eat 1800 calories to lose weight, this puts you in a 200 calorie deficit each day. If you reach this goal every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday and eat 3000 calories each day, you would be 2400 calories over your goal! Also, a  1000 calorie surplus for the week.This doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat meal here and there but be conscience of how often that happens and how much you are cheating


INTENSITY, IS A PERSONAL FAVORITE.  Intensity is the ticket to your fitness goals,  can come in many variations. and look very different for each person. However, the overall goal should be to push yourself each and every day you choose to wake up and make your health a priority. Many people believe they need to add extra workouts, do longer workouts, or think they need to be sore everyday to achieve their goals.  All of these beliefs are myths 99% of time and may prevent you from reaching your goals! If you believe you are in the 1%, before you decide you need more I challenge you to change your mindset for one month. Make intensity a priority and push yourself during every workout! Treat the workout as if your life depended on you getting x amount of rounds, reps, or a certain time. If you do this consistently for one month,  you will change your mind and be one step closer to meeting your goals..

Intensity should be limited by the speed or weight at which you can move safely.  Don’t throw caution out the window just for intensity. You should be moving at a rate that allows for maximum intensity and quality movement. Find a coach or personal trainer that is well versed in knowing their clientele and their abilities.

Lastly, if you want to spend some time at a very low intensity practicing skills such as double unders or rope climbs remember there is a difference between practice and working out. Skills work may only be necessary for those with performance goals. At the end of the day if you only have 20 minutes, it should be spent doing something with intensity and not practicing skills.

I hope this helps some of you on your fitness journey! Lets dial in that nutrition, create consistency, and build our intensity!